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TERMS & CONDITIONS : You may not submit songs, mp3s, or any other material that contains racist, derogitory, discriminitory or volgore statements or lyrics. You may not submit material in which you do not own or have permission to distribute. 1Radio.FM Does not pay stream royalties for songs played on our station, We Provide a free service to help promote independent bands & artists.
(NOTE): Submission is not a garuantee of Air Play, All show Artists / Songs will be reviewed, However providing that (1) your submission doesnt breach our Terms & Conditions. (2) You do not require stream royalties & (3) Your Recordings are of the required playback quality We will most likely accept your submission.

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1Radio.FM currently has a massive backlog of free song submissions to process.
For this reason we have temporarily put on hold FREE submissions.
We have done this so we can catch up and process all the submissions we have received this year.

If you wish to submit your songs to 1Radio.FM please use our priority song submission service below or by clicking here.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


Step 1. Like us on Facebook & follow us on twitter.

Step 2. Email Us Your Songs (All Music is Our Sort of thing!!)

We are always on the look out for New & Unheard Indie Bands, Musicians & Artists.

If Your an Original Artist or Band and want your music / songs played, plugged, promoted & reviewed on 1Radio.fm

Send us an Email with your details (Band Name, BIO and correctly formatted MP3’s)

to submissions@1radio.fm

Speed Up The Submission Process!!!! IMPORTANT!

To Speed up The Submission Process & get Your Songs Playing ASAP on 1Radio.FM faster make sure they are Tagged as ‘Artist & Song’ TAGS ONLY!!, Let us know Your Preferred Artist Categories “eg. Alternative / Rock / Punk Rock”.

And Your Songs are in 128 KBS MP3’s.

or Post Us Your CD’s

(We Really, Really Love Recieving a Nice New Shrink Wrapped CD’s!!)

If You Send us More than one copy of your Albums &

We will give them away to Our Listeners in promos on Our Live Shows.

You can post your Albums / CDs to 1Radio.FM @

3 Dunrossil Drive, Sunbury, Victoria, 3429, Australia.


Optimize Your Band / Artist Identity!!!!

Optimize exposer on 1Radio.Fm and the World Wide Web by specifying submission extras such as: 
• Allow 1Radio.FM Promo usage of Your Songs. ie. “1Radio FM Promos / Voice overs over short clippets of your song(s).”
• Record & Submit a 1Radio.FM Intro Promo for Your Self / Band. ie. Record & Submit a short audio clip of yourself / band introducing yourself or band ie. “This is ARTISTNAME and your listening to 1Radio.FM”
• Record & Sumit a Intro for Your songs. ie. “Your listening to SONGNAME by ARTISTNAME on 1Radio.fm”.


With the increasing popularity of our station and the massive influx of submissions if you don’t want to wait in line & also want to help 1Radio.FM grow then you can PRIORITY SUBMIT your tracks and we will put you to the front of the queue and have your song(s) in our song rotation and playing on our station(s) within 48 hours.
(usually within 24 hours)

Amount of Songs to Priority Submit
Artists / Band Name
Songs (Separated by Commas)